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Turbine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has opened a new gas turbine testing centre at Filton, Bristol, U.K. The new facility includes a WR-21 Test Cell, and will service and test both WR-21 and MT30 gas turbines.
Turbine developer GE launched two new technologies to improve gas-fired power plants as part of the company’s Power FlexEfficiency portfolio of upgrade solutions this week at the Power-Gen Conference in Orlando.
General Electric has designed its 7HA as the most-efficient 60-hertz gas turbines with a net combined-cycle efficiency of over 61% building on over three years of evaluation of best practice operations at its F-class machines, according to Guy Deleonardo, executive…
Power producer Ripon Cogeneration has reported a 90% reduction in shutdowns as a result of upgrading its distributed control system (DCS) with the PlantPAx process automation system from Rockwell Automation.
French technology developer Alstom has surpassed 17,000 hours of operation of the world’s highest operating-temperature steam loop at Plant Barry Unit 4. Ultra-Supercritical Steam systems operate at temperatures above 374°C, while the temperature at Barry Unit 4 reached 760°C.
Japanese technology developer Toshiba has announced the successful prototyping of a process that combines waste CO2 from thermal power plants with energy from the sun to create fuel at a higher efficiency than was previously possible. Toshiba said the new…
U.S. electric utility AES Southland is ready to install the world’s largest lithium battery system at its Alamitos Power Center in Long Beach, California, in an effort to provide backup peaking power. The battery will have capacity to deliver 400…
Together with the industry partners Alstom and Rolls-Royce, DLR is enlarging its infrastructure in Cologne to develop environmentally-friendlier gas turbines. After a construction time of 18 months and an investment of some 50 million euros, the new high-pressure combustor test…
Better analysis of the process by which power plants receive hydrogen gas can save operators money and improve safety. “Power plants need to do all they can to cost-effectively and safely produce electricity. But many overlook the fact that their…
German fuel-cell developer Sunfire has demonstrated a first of a kind Power-to-Liquids (PtL) rig that uses its technology to synthesize fuel from electricity. “Our power-to-liquids technology extends the product range of flow-based hydrocarbons to liquid fuels such as diesel and…
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