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To test its smart battery energy storage system (BESS) in real conditions, the Alstom-Saft consortium has installed and commissioned it at the EDF's Concept Grid Lab. The 1 MW per 30 minutes BESS will help with frequency regulation in mainland…
U.S. technology company GE  has announced a multi-year joint development agreement with Palo Alto-based software and engineering firm Cascade Technologies to research and improve gas turbine operation.
Technology from engine developer Scuderi Power has opened the door for independent power producers to balance load from combined heat and power (CHP) with regional grid requirements.
GE's Distributed Power Business is piloting GE’s new Beta myPlant 2.0, the remote monitoring and diagnostics software formally introduced last week, in a Dutch commercial tomato greenhouse growers collective. The collective renewed its multiyear service agreement with GE’s Distributed Power…
New fuel cell development from research institute Fraunhofer IKTS and system integrator Convion has helped to create breakthrough technology that offers the potential for high-efficiency co-generation in the small-scale and distributed power market.
Researchers at the University of Delft in the Netherlands have developed new understandings of engine operation through a multi-faceted approach that is now delivering benefits in more efficient design for gas power generation and small scale power systems.
Improvements in improving the turndown, operational flexibility, and fuel flexibility of combustion turbines may soon be possible  thanks to new research at the Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the largest U.S. university research facility…
New cyber-security technology, integrated with highly automised control software at gas power plants, is helping operators to tackle a plethora of cyber-attacks, according to security firm Darktrace.
Advanced manufacturing technologies are seen to have an unrivalled impact on the design of gas turbines and power plants. "In the future, we'll be able to achieve new levels of intricacy in parts using laser melting technology," forecast Willibald Fischer,…
Raising performance is the key target of Siemens' newly released SPPA-T3000 Cue. "The success clearly starts in the control room," said Dr. Dirk Lumma, head of Siemens' production management, instrumentation and electrical. Siemens is currently implementing the new control system…
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