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SmartSet Couplings, designed by Voith, limit the torque between the generator and the turbine in the event of a sudden voltage drop in the power system, allowing continuous plant operation. The risk of critical voltage fluctuations increases due to rising alignment of the grid to renewables and distributed power.

Keen to cater to Saudi Arabia’s fast-growing power market, turbine manufacturers are stepping up local production. Siemens has just delivered its first gas turbine built in the Saudi kingdom, while GE and SAIIC signed an accord to co-invest in sectors that help develop local industries.

AG&P is looking to partner with private developers in building small-scale LNG facilities that can deliver 5 to 20 MW of decentralised power. Commenting on average investment needs, AG&P President Albert D. Altura said: “The rule-of-thumb for LNG, and this is highly dependent on the area, is about $1 million per megawatt for small-scale projects.”

Cryoline hose-in-hose transfer system for LNG, a Telleborg technology, is set to extend the usability of regasified LNG for power generation in remote areas. Island nations, such as Indonesia, can use the solution to supply fuel to decentralised gas power plants.

Paul Kagame, the President of Ruanda, has launched the innovative KivuWatt methane gas power plant on Lake Kivu, which initially adds 25 MW to the grid. Contour Global was awarded a 25-year concession to produce 100 MW from the methane-rich lake.

At Lausward, a recently commissioned 603.8 MW combined-cycle unit in Düsselsdorf, Siemens has achieved 61.5% efficiency – beating its own H-class gas turbine efficiency record that had been held by the Irsching CCPP. Lothar Balling, VP Global Project Management, Siemens Energy Solutions gave Gas to Power Journal some insight into how this was possible.

Research into integrally geared compressors for gas-fired power plants offers the potential to deliver significant efficiency improvements for operators, manufacturer Ingersoll Rand told Gas to Power Journal.

New development of H-class gas turbine plants are pushing the boundaries of large-scale power plant construction, according to the head of business development at Gama Power Systems. The Turkish EPC contractor is currently executing a large-scale CCPP project in Turkey and another one in Russia.

Research into Gas Path Analysis (GPA) models for gas-fired engine modules promises to deliver improved of performance-tracking for operators, Peng Wang, research assistant from Case Western Reserve University told Gas to Power Journal.

Developing efficient aeromechanics analysis for gas turbines helps cut the time needed to develop new products, Sunil Patil, researcher at U.S. technology firm Ansys told Gas to Power Journal. The aim is to avoid blade damping or strains during operation.

Global energy firm Exxon Mobil has signed a partnership agreement with technology developer FuelCell Energy to explore new carbon capture techniques for natural gas power power plants.

Japanese turbine manufacturer Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems is to collaborate with energy giant Exxon Mobil to research and develop new applications for its H-100 gas turbines along with new compressor technologies.

Affordable, efficient power storage is a key enabler for the transition to low-carbon energy systems. Looking to 2030, it is particularly striking that battery technology becomes especially more competitive, with sodium (NaS), lead acid and lithium-ion technologies leading the way.

Targeting decentralised power needs at fracking applications, Vericor Power Systems has developed and launched a new version of the TF Series gas turbine, for pump, compression and portable generation.

Experts say that the digital universe by 2020 will reach 44 zettabytes and as this digital revolution magnifies, Siemens unveiled its ‘Digital Services for Energy powered by Sinalytics’ at the Hannover Messe this week. The solution integrates advanced analytics with field service data and related solutions have already been out at customer sites.

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